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Q: What is
A: is a leased content resource that provides high quality exclusive content for use in membership sites. Our content is a quick and cost-effective way to add high quality exclusive content to your members area without the usual cost associated with shooting custom exclusive content yourself.

Q: Who operated
A: is operated by APC Entertainment, Inc. This is the same company that brings you the high converting website affiliate program APC Entertainment has been providing high quality exclusive content to surfers for over 4 years, and is now making their content available to any membership site owner for a fraction of the cost of shooting it themselves!

Q: What is the pricing for the content feeds?
A: Please visit our pricing page HERE.

Q: How does the billing cycle work?
A: Our billing cycle goes from the first of the month to the last day of the month. To make things easier our base $99 fee minimum is NOT enforced on your first billing cycle. For example, If you signed up on the 12th, you will only be billed for the b/w used for the remainder of that month. Every month thereafter is billed from the 1st to the end of the month with a minimum package level of $99.

Q: Do you offer free demo logins to view the feeds?
A: Yes, simply fill out the demo signup form HERE and you will be given 6 hours access to all our feeds to see what we have to offer.

Q: How is your bandwidth calculated?
A: Our system calculates the bytes used for every file downloaded as each file download is completed. Then this information is inserted into our database live so you can see real-time bandwidth stats. Note: We determine 1 gigabyte as being 1024 megabytes (not 1000 like Microsoft operating systems do) so you get more bang for your buck!

Q: Are cookies required to access the plugins?
A: Absolutely not, we use server side sessions and if your member has their cookies disabled, a session id will be passed along to each and every file on the server. We do however use cookies to enhance the authentication by allowing us to re-authenticate them when a session has expired, this is especially nice for dialup members who take long periods of time to download files and possibly could be automatically logged out while waiting for a file to finish downloading.

Q: What are my options to pay for the feeds?
A: We currently accept payment by check, epassporte, and wire.

Q: How often are the content feeds updated?
A: Our most popular feeds are updated every single week. Update schedules vary by product, and can be seen inside the customer area once you have set up your account.

Q: Can your content be used on my tour? How about on my free sites?
A: content cannot be used outside the membership area of your paysites in any manner. This is to protect the exclusive nature of our product and keep the feeds value high for both and yourself.

Q: Where is the 2257 compliance documentation for your site?
A: Please click HERE for the 2257 compliance information for

Q: What are some of the reasons might shut down my account?
A: reserves the right to shut down your account at any time for non-payment of your previous months' bandwidth expenses. If for some reason you cannot pay your bandwidth expenses on time please contact us by clicking HERE and we will work with you on getting your issue solved. We also reserve the right to shut your plugins down if we see our content being used outside of your protected members' areas, or if we see that you are involved in the promotion of any illegal types of content like child pornography or other forms of patently obscene content.

Q: I already have a demo account but now I want to sign up for a full account. How can I do that?
A: Please visit our account sign-up page HERE and request an account. One of our customer service representatives will quickly review your application and have you ready to go in no time!

Q: What exactly is "Capped Bandwidth"?
A: Its a feature we offer to those who are on a budget or anyone worried about going over their limit, it prevents your account from being billed overage bandwidth charges when the maximum bandwidth amount for your particular plugin plan is reached.

Q: How can I cancel my plugins?
A: Please contact us HERE and let us know you wish to close your account and we will be happy to do so. You will only need to pay for bandwidth used up to the time of your account's closure.

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